Patients Rights and Responsibilities

The primary objective of Özel İzan Sağlık Hastanesi is to provide a maintenance service that will help you reach a better degree of health.  Our hospital provides highest possible standards to patients with the guidance provided by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Turkey and the Decleration of Patient Rights.

Good health is your right and if you have any doubts about the services we provide please let us know. If you have complaints, concerns or questions regarding your rights, we encourage you to talk with your health care team initially. You may visit our Patients' Rights Office, e-mail our office at hastahaklari@izansaglik.com, or   reach us at (0252)512 93 00 – extension 200 to get answers for any type of inquiries you may have. You may also fill in the “Opinions and Suggestions Form” available in boxes on every floor or digitally on our web site.

Listed below are all of the the rights and responsibilities warranted by the hospital to ensure that the services patients and their relatives receive from Özel İzan Sağlık Hastanesi are designed to be the best they can possibly be.

Patients Rights

You are entitled to receive respectful and supportive care from us. You have the right to be treated according to your faith and values and have equal access to such treatment. Additionally, you are entitled to all rights previously mentioned provided in a safe and harmonious environment delivered with the utmost courtesy and respect.

The Right to Receive Information

You have the right to obtain information about your treatment and care. As a patient you have the right to have access to all facts and information on your diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and any procedures to follow. You are entitled to information about the amount of time it will take to return to your former health, possible alternative treatments, and their risks, your status of health and any other information on your healthcare. Additionally, you have the right to familiarize yourself with all the practitioners you receive medical care from, to obtain information on the location of your treatment plan, and to receive a second opinion at any point of your treatment. You and/or your authorized person(s) of contact have the right to access your medical records at any reasonable period of time.

Active Participation in Treatment and Your Right to the Doctor of Your Choice

You have the right to participate and play an active role in all in the decisions regarding your medical care. You have the right to participate in the treatment recommended to you within the capacity of the hospital and ask for it to be carried out when you wish. After being informed on your condition and all possible treatment options, just as you have the right to refuse treatment, you also have the right to select or change the staff that will be in charge of your medical care.

You have the right to expect that the hospital will give you necessary health services to the best of its ability. Treatment, referral, or transfer may be recommended. If transfer is recommended or requested, you will be informed of risks, benefits, and alternatives. You will not be transferred until the other institution agrees to accept you. You will be told of realistic care alternatives when hospital care is no longer appropriate.

Right of Approval

You have the right to request treatment in all surgical/intervention procedures after it has been clarified and confirmed by you. Before receiving the medical care and treatment recommended by the hospital physicians and other health professionals responsible for your care, you have the right to request all information related to your care and treatment. You, your relatives, or any person(s) of contact have the right to the information on the risks, benefits, and alternatives of treatment.

Right to Protect Your Private Life

You have the right to request the protection of your privacy. Özel İzan Sağlık Hastanesi has ethical values on the importance of patients’ privacy protection and confidentiality. As a patient you have the right to the protection of your privacy at every stage of your treatment and have your personal information shared only with people of your choice when you allow them to be shared.

Right to Express a Complaint or Gratitude

You are entitled to the right, to convey gratitude, good wishes, complaints, and/or advice regarding your experience at our hospital. For purposes such as these, Özel İzan Sağlık Hastanesi has prepared an Inpatient and Outpatient Satisfaction Survey.  Please feel free to contact our Patient Rights Office regarding all positive and negative feedback by filling out the surveys.

Patients Responsibilities

As Özel İzan Sağlık Hastanesi, in order for us to provide the most appropriate care and treatment for you, we need our patients and their companions to be helpful and supportive of our treatment methods.

As a patient, you share in the responsibility for your care, which includes providing complete information about your health and medications, keeping appointments, promptly meeting financial obligations, and following hospital rules.

Informing the Healthcare Providers

As Özel İzan Sağlık Hastanesi, we expect you to provide our physicians and other healthcare employees with complete and accurate history of your condition upon your arrival to the hospital, previous illnesses, past periods of stay at our hospital, and knowledge on all routine medication used. The information you provide will outline the care you receive from the physicians and other health care employees, and will determine their recommendations on your treatment and drugs.

Complying with the Treatment and Care

We expect you to ask questions and play an active role in decisions regarding your medical care: In order to ensure that our patients receive the most effective treatment and care, we ask you to actively participate in decisions on your treatment share any concerns you may have on all subjects regarding your care.

You will be prompted to follow all instructions recommended to you by the medical staff:  We ask that our patients notify our physicians if they fail to follow any of the recommended treatment plans in order for us to ensure you the most appropriate alternative.

Complying with the Hospital Rules

We expect you to follow all hospital rules and policies in order to ensure our patients the safest and most appropriate care; we expect our patients, their companions and visitors to comply with all hospital rules.

In order to create the most appropriate care four our patients, we require our patients to be respectful of each other’s confidentiality, privacy, and a quite environment needs.

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